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Pope Francis appeals for urgent truce in Aleppo

Pope Francis appeals for urgent truce in Aleppo

Pope Francis appeals at his Wednesday’s audience to the peace in Aleppo. Syrian people has suffered enough, time to think about children who live in the country torn by war.

Poe Francis appeals to the urgent truce in Syria, on Wednesday, the bombings in Aleppo was resumed, they have killed at least 25 people, including five children. Pope said:

“with a sense of urgency that I renew my appeal: I’m begging with all my strength for those responsible to undertake an immediate cease-fire that is respected at least to give time to evacuate civilians.”

After the disappearing an accord between the US and Russia, the situation in Syria got worsening month by month, the political observers say. Even the U.N. Security Council is confused, the Nations don’t know how to respond to the Aleppo crisis. Meanwhile, the Russian pilots are bombing the besieged city Aleppo.

Russia and the US failed to agree on renewing a cease-fire. In fact, since July, no assistance has entered Aleppo. On Wednesday early morning, Syrian rescue workers are doing their best to find the bodies under the rubble. Pope Francis asks all the people of good will to stop the suffering of a civilian population in Aleppo and appeal for an urgent truce in Syria.