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Pope Francis in Morocco urges local Christians against converting others

Pope Francis in Morocco urges local Christians against converting others

Pope Francis’ visit to Morrocco becomes his latest trip to the North African predominantly Muslim state, BBC reported. Talking to the local Roman Catholic community, pontiff urged local Christians against converting others.

Pope Francis met migrants and Muslim leaders during his official trip to Morocco. The pontiff also held a Mass for all Roman Catholics living in Morocco where majority practises Islam.

On Sunday, the Christians have gathered in Rabat’s cathedral in the Moroccan capital where Pope Francis was talking on different religious aspects.  The pontiff said, in particular, that trying to convert people to one’s own belief “always leads to an impasse”. “Please, no proselytism!” he told an audience.

In Moroccan capital, there were 400 Christians who greeted Francis’s arrival by ululating and applauding inside the cathedral, while hundreds more gathered outside the cathedral.

the pontiff spent two days in Morocco, on Saturday he visited migrants at a Caritas charity centre, where the pope criticised “collective expulsions” and said the migrants’ problem should be resolved through the ways to regularise refugees’ status.

Morocco warmly welcomed the head of the Roman Catholic Church

Morocco, the North African state, is a Muslim one. Even though, Christians from Morocco with sub-Saharan African making up a large part of the country’s 30,000-strong Catholic community.

Islam is the state religion and authorities are keen to stress the country’s “religious tolerance” which allows Christians and Jews to worship freely.

But Moroccans are automatically considered Muslim if they are not born into the Jewish community, apostasy is socially frowned upon, and proselytising is criminalised.