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Pope Francis speaks out about ‘shame’ of humanity

Pope Francis speaks out about ‘shame’ of humanity

Pope Francis raise the theme of the sexual abuse scandals in Catholic Church, these painful issues were reflecting in the pontiff’s speech in Good Friday service. The leader of all Catholics asked God for forgiveness for inappropriate behaviour of all God’s child.

On Friday, Pope Francis presided at the annual Good Friday service, while he was giving his traditional speech, the pontiff pointed the ‘shame’ of humanity, remembered the Catholic church scandals and asked God for forgiveness for all these sins and misdemeanours.

Saying about the “shame” of humanity, Pope remembered the war-torn countries in the Middle East, drowning migrants, and recent inhuman acts in Syria. Shame and hope became the main theme of the pontiff’s Friday speech.

Pope Francis in Rome: Way of the Cross 2017

Pope Francis led the annual candlelight Way of the Cross (Via Crucis) service at Rome’s Colosseum, in 2017, the service attended 20,000 people and the brigades of a heavy security.

Pope Francis

Friday with the similar services called the Stations of the Cross is taking place in many cities – in such a way the Christians commemorate Jesus’s death by crucifixion. His two-year service Pope ended with a prayer he wrote, it was woven around the theme of shame and hope. The humanity, according to the Pope, is worth for hope and better future.