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Pope Francis suffers black eye after popemobile stops suddenly

Pope Francis suffers black eye after popemobile stops suddenly

Pope Francis with the bandage on his eyebrow was appealing to Colombia to “untie the knots of violence” on Sunday. The minor incident with popemobile didn’t break pontiff’s spirit.

On the last day of Colombian visit, Pope Francis lost his balance when his motorcade came to an abrupt halt, bruising his left eye and cutting his left eyebrow which dripped blood onto his white cassock.

The pontiff assured he is fine and well, the medics made all needed in such case: Pope received ice treatment and a bandage over his minor eyebrow cut. Smiling Pope Francis was happy to continue his visit, he said jokingly:

“I was punched. I’m fine.”

Colombians adore Pope Francis, the thousands of people came from all over the country in Medellin airport to welcome the Vatican head.

Pope Francis in Colombia

Pope Francis in Colombia prays for peace and reconciliation

Pope Francis At the end of the day, when he said mass for hundreds of thousands of people in the city’s port area, the bruise had swollen and he had blackened skin under his eye.

Speaking in Cartagena, the pontiff said:

“Only if we help to untie the knots of violence, will we unravel the complex threads of disagreements.”

Pope Francis used the trip to urge common people in Colombia, all good Catholics to shun vengeance and to leave behind the bloody 50-year civil war. The head of Roman Catholic Church expressed the hope that the country leaders had to enact laws to end injustice and social inequality that breeds violence in Colombia.