Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

Pope Francis Takes On Africa

Starting in Kenya, Pope Francis has been causing quite a stir in Africa tackling the issues of corruption, climate change, and the negligence of the elite to take care of the poor.

The Pope’s presence is meant to also unify religious groups which includes a trip to mosque in central Africa.

The people are excited and prepared for his visit for weeks. The disenfranchised who wallow in poverty are hoping the Pope’s messages and stern warnings will make things turn around for the super wealthy leaders of the continent who are embroiled in corruption and suppression.

Africa is a turning point for Earth. China is the strongest super power presence because the Africans don’t trust the Europeans nor the Americans and for good reason. Both groups have exploited the continent of people, raw materials, animals, and nature, leaving behind devastation and misery in their wake. The African countries are now being propelled into the 21st century taking advantage of the computing technologies and other technologies whereby they themselves can produce and take advantage of the mineral, oil, coal, farming, and precious metals and jewels that are in overwhelming abundance throughout the continent.

Should Africa finally get their gear together it could be the wealthiest continent in history, which it already is regarding raw materials but not in administering those materials for the betterment of the population. Better medical treatment is allowing for the populations to grow and grow rapidly. There’s still millions of acres of rich farmland both developed and undeveloped and over 12,000 miles of choice coastline where fishing is also in abundance. Pooling their resources, applying technology and ridding the various cultures of superstitions and primitive belief systems that inhibit growth are the big challenges ahead.

The problem is that outside forces trying to still exploit the continent are supporting the regimes that are run by corrupt and evil leaders. No one has the military power to invade and undermine these countries because the African environment is too aggressive with life and rugged terrain to sustain such an operation. The rise of terrorist groups and guerrilla groups also adds to the instability and inability to get the continent into top production, thus the Pope’s visit is all that more important because the Catholics there are a massive population that if united could change things.

As dismal as things look for American corporate interests in Africa, there is a wild card that could totally change the game but the U.S.’s infrastructure of its hierarchy wouldn’t stand for it. It would call on empowering the African American community of the U.S., to rehab their relationships with their African relatives. If this were to occur, the wealth and change would be astronomical but would make the African Americans wealthy beyond avarice and same for the Africans themselves. This would be a major blow to the European controlled U.S. Ethnic groups as they’d have to take a back seat to the African Americans which they will probably fight to the death to prevent.

Only time will tell if the Pope’s visit will change Africa, but at least it’s a great start.