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Pope picks out Rod Stewart and wife Penny from the crowd to say hello

Pope picks out Rod Stewart and wife Penny from the crowd to say hello

Sir Rod Stewart and his spouse Penny Lancaster are spending the romantic time in Rome. When Pope Francis picked them out of the crowd to say hello, the British couple was delighted, Daily Mail reports.

To stroll Rome and to visit Vatican Sir Rod Stewart dressed up like the love child of Carnaby Street in the 1970s, his wife Penny preferred to be more classic. She donned a black long dress to meet the Pope during his weekly audience with the public.

The 73-year-old megastar was looking to forward to meet Pope, while his wife was looking around and enjoyed the beauty of the old St. Peter’s Square.

The couple were seen pointing into the distance as they struggled to catch a glimpse of the Pope. Earlier, the 47-year-old Penny had posted a couple of pictures on Instagram, as the couple got ready for their big day.

For both Rod and Penny, it was extremely nice to be blessed by the pontiff. He did it personally and urged all the people to pray. Sir Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster received a greeting from His Holiness Pope Francis on Tuesday after waiting for him to appear in St Peter’s Square.

Penny’s pictures on her Instagram showed the details of their meeting with Pope in Vatican city.