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President Macron announced creation of a new space force command

President Macron announced creation of a new space force command

French President Macron presided the military parade on Sunday, the day before he told military personnel that the new space force will be created in September, AFP reported.

Emmanuel Macron’s decision to create a new space force command reflects his commitment to making France and its allies stronger. In fact, the race for the militarization of space intensifies. Since September, space force (SF) command will eventually become part of France’s air force.

The day before National Day, Emmanuel Macron has gathered the military personnel to congratulate them with the 14 Juliette, in his speech, the French leader promised that new SF aims to ensure the development and “reinforcement of our spacial abilities”.

According to Macron, the French satellites will get “better protecting” thanks to the new space force command. In September, the Air Force will name the Space and Air Force, Mr Macron ordered. Meanwhile, the funds required for the spacial military force are yet to be decided.

France will be ready soon to defend its autonomy in space, said Macron

French Defence Minister said last year that she was committed to giving the country “strategic space autonomy”. In the frame of that strategic project, France has allocated €3.6 bn for defence in space in the period from 2019 to 2025.

That fund includes the renewal of the CSO observation and Syracuse communication satellites, launch of three CERES electromagnetic-monitoring satellites, and the modernisation of a spatial radar surveillance system called GRAVES, Florence Parly confirmed.

In the 21st century, two superpowers, the United States and Russia, have already created their own space forces. Emmanuel Macron believes, the French and European military strategy should be strengthened with similar spacial forces as soon as possible.