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President Macron told Putin he wants Syrian dialogue

President Macron told Putin he wants Syrian dialogue

Emmanuel Macron’s concern regarding Syria made the French president to urge his Russian counterpart for dialogue. During the phone call, two leaders have discussed the latest development on the Middle East, it was the first call between Putin and Macron since the French, British and U.S. airstrikes on chemical facilities in Syria on April 14.

President Macron has told his Russian counterpart that France is committed to pushing for more dialogue among Syria’s conflict sides. Monday’s phone call with Putin came just hours before French leader’s state visit to the United States. But on the eve of the state visit, there are still big issues that divide presidents Macron and Trump.

According to the official schedule, President Macron will travel to Russia on May 24-25, so, it t the right time to prepare the discussion regarding Syria now. Emmanuel Macron said he wants to work with Russia to initiate a “credible political process” and “intensify humanitarian aid to civilian populations,” according to the French presidency’s statement.

Macron’s visit to the US

President Macron arrived on Monday to Washington where the French leader wants to persuade Trump to exempt European nations from metal tariffs that are part of the U.S. president’s plan to reduce chronic trade deficits with countries around the world, chiefly China.

Macron’s visit comes at a time of mounting alarm in Europe over the knock-on effect that U.S. sanctions on Russia will have on their own manufacturing industries.

French officials said Paris and other European governments were coordinating efforts to persuade Trump to ease sanctions on Russia, including measures against Russian aluminium producers.

‘Europeans…have jointly warned the US Administration about the economic impact and consequences and the need to find solutions,’

said French finance ministry.