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President Obama holds speech against ISIS at the G20 summit

The President of the United States, Barack Obama is attending the G20 summit over in Turkey, where the member countries are discussing the implications of a war against terrorists, but also other economic issues.

In a speech held over at the summit, President Obama went ahead and described the Islamic State as ‘the face of evil’. Together with this, he also stated that he is currently working with other countries to crack down on the group, and finally destroy the militant group which has taken thousands of lives until now.

While there were certain rumours pointing towards the idea that Obama would use ground troops to carry out the war against the terrorist organization, he defended a strategy based on air strikes. By working with its allies and gather intelligence, Obama will be able to initiate proper strikes, meant to eliminate prominent members of the Islamic State.

Obama stated that he doesn’t want the US to be put in a position where they occupy Syria and Iraq, but where they wouldn’t have a clear way out of the region in case things go south. Based on this, it is believed that an air strike strategy, coordinated with the help of other allied countries will surely be more efficient. At this moment in time, the strategy seems to use a couple of important elements, including military, intelligence, development, the strength of the communities and economics.

It’s important to know that a full-fledged war against the IS should be considered a long-term campaign, with its ultimate purpose being the extermination of the militant group. While according to Obama, there will be setbacks, it is thought that the strategy will end up being a success.

In terms of the refugee issue, President Obama believes that the US should carry on with the idea of accepting refugees, as these are the exact people that the refugees are trying to run away from. However, it’s important to note that more extensive investigation will be carried out prior to letting each individual to enter the country.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Obama’s speech is thought to be an inspiring one, as he ended it by calling for a union of all countries which can fight the terrorist organization.

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