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President Obama, last UN General Assembly session

President Obama, last UN General Assembly session

President Obama gave a speech on Tuesday at his last United Nations General Assembly session. Three days in New York will be very busy for the acting president, among the planned events is the summit meeting on refugees.

President Obama gives an annual address at the UN General Assembly, he expressed his vision of the situation the Middle East, touched the question of the climate change and other crucial international issues.

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Mr. Obama reminded the international community about the US diplomatic vector. The president noted the refugee crisis as the bitter results of conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan. Obama believes that the United States should struggle to wind down old wars and avoid new ones.

A special attention Obama paid to the North Korea’s recent nuclear test, which became a major threat to the international security.

During three-days visit to New York, President Obama planned to meet with the leaders of Israel and Colombia, Iraq and Nigeria.