Today: Sunday, 19 May 2024 year

Presidential candidates react to the rumored deportation plan

The rumor that United States’ Homeland Security Department could start in early January a deportation plan aimed at families who entered the country illegally managed to create a lot of buzz. Like expected, the candidates for the White House wanted to expressed their opinion about the whole situation.

Democrats are totally against the deportation plan

One of the first was Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who declared that she has “real concerns” about this whole deportation plan. Her campaign added this Thursday that she “believes it is critical that everyone has a full and fair hearing”, while the U.S. should “provide refuge to those that need it.”

Bernie Sanders, the other important Democratic candidate, was between the most disturbed politicians after hearing about the plan. In a statement, the senator said the following: “Our nation has always been a beacon of hope, a refuge for the oppressed. . . . We need to take steps to protect children and families seeking refuge here, not cast them out.”

Of course, Donald Trump is a supporter of the idea

On the other side, Republican front-runner Donald Trump took credit for the news, by sending a Tweet through which he said that the deportation plan is being considered thanks to the pressure he made on the government. “It’s about time!” he said.

Later this week, the Washington Post reported that the Homeland Security department is working at a deportation plan which is targeting more than 100,000 families who have entered the U.S. through the southern border, since January 2014. It seems that the main cause that lead to this was the violence in Central America.

To be more specific, a lot of immigrants came from El Salvador, where the homicide rate has reached its highest level in a generation. Also, the regional drought contributed to the number of people, including unaccompanied children, going to the United States.

Homeland Security should make an official statement next month

Still, the deportation plan will target only adults and children who have received an order to leave the country. The operation wasn’t totally approved by Homeland Security, but it should happen until January.

The agency hasn’t made any comments related to this situation yet or the deportation plan, but an official statement should be made soon, as a lot of people who are illegal immigrants are under pressure, according to Voice of America.

Finally, back in August, a federal ruling allowed people housed in U.S. detention centers to contest their incarceration, while in October and November, another wave of illegal immigrants arrived in the United States.