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Prince Charles announces restructuring of charities as he prepares to be King

Prince Charles announces restructuring of charities as he prepares to be King

Prince of Wales is going to be King, no doubt. The 69-year-old heir has announced several changes to his charities as a part of total restructure of this his organizations.

The radical streamlining will be applied to all 21 charity organizations headed by Prince Charles. The son of Queen ahead of his 70th birthday in November began planning for a future in which he will be King.

According to the Buckingham Palace, the restructuring will enable Prince to adapt his heavy workload to provide more support to the Queen, stressing he would not be spending less time working with his 21 charities. Thus, the point of restructure is to make the running of Prince Charles’ charities more efficient to maximise their impact.

In his video message, Prince Charles explains the reasons for the upcoming changes in his charities. The royal said that he approaches something of a milestone in my own life.

‘As I look at the results of the re-organisation, I have a strong sense of optimism and anticipation for what more may be achieved,’

Prince added in his Friday’s video.

Up to one million pounds will be saved thanks to Prince’s restructuring

In fact, the idea to restructure charities is more than healthy, taking into account that similar changes never been applied to such royal societies and funds.  Prince Charles is simply trying to save money, while also more effectively using his time. According to the financial experts, it is understood to be up to one million pounds.

Of course, the planned changes would mean a new and expanded Prince’s Trust Group, that will include the work of The Prince’s Trust, alongside a new network comprising activity previously carried out by The Prince’s Charities Canada, Australia, New Zealand and The Prince’s Trust International.