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Prince George’s name for school register revealed

Prince George’s name for school register revealed

Prince George, the adorable son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, started his first day in the new school. At last, we know his official name that the young royal will use during his school years to come.

Prince George seemed to be disappointed with his new environment, the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t look too happy while he came to Battersea school. Due to severe morning sickness, Kate Middleton missed the first day of the eldest son, maybe, that is why George wasn’t glad.

Starting the school, Prince George won’t be known by his official title when the teacher calls out the register. Since now, the four-year-old royal is George Cambridge – the young gentleman is in the unique position of choosing his own surname, despite not actually needing one.

The full official name of the third in line to the throne is His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, and his full name is George Alexander Louis. Of course, none in the school will call him out with such a long name. Similarly to George’s father and uncle who used to use the surname Wales, little George will wear the name George Cambridge, sounds laconic and very stylish!

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George will enjoy small class sizes of about 20 pupils, compared with the average class size for primary schools in England, which is around 27 children. And despite the hard first day in the new school, the parents encouraged George that he will get new friends over there and definitely will know many interesting and useful things.