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Prince Harry is house-hunting in California to spend more time with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is house-hunting in California to spend more time with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to spend more time with each other, so the British gentleman started the house-hunting in California. The manor in the American continent will make the couple closer.

Prince Harry’s beloved Meghan Markle reportedly urging him to move to Los Angeles, at least to buy over there a house. Sounds pretty logically, taking into account that royal and actress are divided by the ocean.

The grandson of Elizabeth II and Suits star have been dating for well over a year now, and Meghan has to split her time between Los Angeles and Toronto while filming ‘Suits.’ So far, Harry and Meghan are flying to each other not too often. Normally, the visit it’s usually no more than for a few days or two weeks at the most.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s tight royal schedule

Prince Harry’s schedule is jam packed with his public engagements and royal duties, especially after his grandfather’s stepping-down. Meghan is also an extremely busy woman, she can take not so much time off from ‘Suits’ to be with Harry. probably, for Harry, it is a good chance to find a place for himself in the United States.

For the Royals, Harry’s presence in the USA is a good thing too – Prince will be able to up their reputation abroad while still fulfilling duties back at home and overseas. At the same time, it’s doubtful that Queen would want to see Prince Harry spend more time than he has to in the United States. The royal family lives in London and unless they are traveling for a special overseas trip, she expects everyone to be close to home.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the report.