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Prince Harry surprised Meghan: mini-moon with the Clooneys

Prince Harry surprised Meghan: mini-moon with the Clooneys

Prince Harry and his wife decided to take a time-out, the royal couple is spending the summertime at Clooney’s Villa Oleandra in Italy, Daily reported on Tuesday. For royals, such a break is like a mini-moon.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry away on a secret holiday with their pals George and Amal Clooney at their exclusive Italian retreat on Lake Como. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have invited actor and his wife for their wedding in May, now, Clooneys were glad to answer. The royal couple enjoys a mini-break with Clooneys at Lake Como.

According to the security requirements, the Italian police were brought in to help ensure the royals stayed safe during their visit to Clooney’s mansion.

Clooney’s Villa Oleandra welcomes Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The royal couple has arrived last Thursday evening, on a private flight, and left on Sunday at 6 pm from Malpensa airport. Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to spend all of their time in the grounds of the villa where they feel safe, comfortable and among the friends. Meghan and Harry need some real, smart and successful friends like Amal and George. Moreover, Meghan and Amal have found a common ground, both of them have rooted in London, which wasn’t their native city.

On Saturday evening, Clooney laid on a gala dinner for his celebrity guests. About 15 friends attended and the party is said to have gone on until the early hours.  The Duke and Duchess and the Clooneys are understood to be close friends and Meghan and Amal are both said to use celebrity stylist Miguel Perez.

Earlier this year, Clooneys were among the 200 guests who partied the night away at Frogmore House to celebrate the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. Hollywood heartthrob George even have danced with Duchess Meghan at the reception.