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Prince William and his activity dedicated to World Wildlife Day

Prince William and his activity dedicated to World Wildlife Day

UNPrince William involved in many environmental and educational initiatives at the international level. The United Nations’ World Wildlife Day is celebrating annually on 3 March, this year it became an another opportunity for the royal to mark his dedication to the Earth’s wild nature.

Prince William and Prince Harry are known as defenders of the wild nature, both royals are actively involved in many projects of the protection of extinct species, especially in Africa and South-East Asia. The Duke of Cambridge, the second heir to the British throne, last November has visited Hanoi to attend the third International Wildlife Trade Conference.

Each year on March 3, UN World Wildlife Day aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants, and the royal family are encouraging young pepole all over the world to be part of the solution and ‘speak up’ for the protection of endangered wildlife species.

Kenyan ranger receives the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award by Prince William, 2016

Prince William and his wildlife protection activity

In Vietnam, this year’s topic ‘Listen to the Young Voices’ is encouraging people to rally together to address ongoing major threats to wildlife. The most painful aspects of this sphere are illicit trafficking, over-exploitation and habitat loss. The British Embassy in Hanoi are supporting the wildlife protection activing over the decades.

During his last visit to Hanoi, the Duke of Cambridge met local leaders as president of United for Wildlife, a coalition of major conservation groups. In London, Prince William acts as the trust’s patron and main supporter for African wildlife protection organisation Tusk Trust (has 22 years experience initiating and funding conservation), while his brother Harry is supporting the protection of African rare animals.