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Prince William shares Prince George’s love of trains and transport

Prince William said his son George adores trains and cars, the young royal would like to be in the driver’s seat. This week, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II was visiting the trains factory to shine a light on its work with Crossrail.

Prince William visited this the only manufacturer in the UK, which makes the trains. During the tour at Crossrail, William said that his son George loves to watch the car, trains and aircraft. Kate Middleton is afraid of such an interest of the son because finds it very dangerous.

During the tour, prince William was showed the ropes, the dynamic test track driver Chris Brittan met the royal with the last improvements of the machine. While the young specialists were having a talk about the functionalities of the train, William said that George would love it, he would be excited about seeing his dad driving.

On William’s driving skills, Chris added:

“He was nice and controlled. We took it up to 30 miles per hour. He was doing all the driving. He said it’s easy to drive, it’s nice and smooth.”

The Duke of Cambridge visited the factory, which is  the only train manufacturer in the UK, the royal shined a light on its work with Crossrail. The firm managed to outbid foreign companies to win the £1 billion contract to make carriages for the Crossrail route, securing 1,000 jobs in the factory.

William met some of the apprentices who are employed at the factory and also unveiled a plaque to commemorate his visit.