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Princess Charlotte’s tennis lessons at Hurlingham caused stir among posh club members

Princess Charlotte’s tennis lessons at Hurlingham caused stir among posh club members

Princess Charlotte is only two years old but her parents decided the little girl wants to play tennis. She begins lessons at Hurlingham Club, one of the oldest places in England, but posh club members aren’t happy with it.

Princess Charlotte’s mother is dreaming to see her kids the tennis players, Prince George has demonstrated the interest to it as well as his younger sister. According to the coach from the Hurlingham Club, Princess ‘is a natural tennis player’ but there is one obstacle for continuing these tennis lessons – parents of Charlotte of Cambridge are not official members.

Princess Charlotte is having tennis lessons at two, she likes to play with the yellow ball and her instructor insists that the two-year-old girl demonstrates wonderful skills so far. Kate Middleton is happy with that but the Hurlingham Club want her to remind that the neither her, nor her husband are not the members of that Club.

Why is Hurlingham Club so famous for tennis players?

The Hurlingham, founded in 1869, prides itself on being one of “England’s greatest private members’ clubs.” Set in 42 acres in Fulham, South West London, it boasts over 40 tennis courts as well as a cricket square, ten croquet lawns and two bowls areas.

Non-members can play on their tennis courts only when invited by a member responsible for their behaviour. It is worth to note that even Kate and William whose close friend is legendary Roger Federer are not able to break the rules of the oldest tennis club in England.

According to the club insiders, some patrons feel Charlotte shouldn’t be allowed to play there. Hurlingham rules are usually very rigid, and they don’t see why exceptions should be made, even if they happen to be royal.

The Princess’s presence has also meant an increase in security at the club, it is obviously. Kensington Palace declined to comment.