Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

Protesting farmers broke into an agricultural exhibition in Paris.

Protesting farmers broke into an agricultural exhibition in Paris.

In Paris, farmers, dissatisfied with government policies, broke through the police cordon and burst into the exhibition pavilion, where French President Emmanuel Macron arrived.

Since the morning, farmers with whistles and union flags, planning to protest and boo the head of state, crowded at the entrance to the Port de Versailles exhibition center, where the exhibition is opening.

Despite the presence of law enforcement officers blocking the entrance to the exhibition center, several hundred farmers managed to break inside.

A fight broke out between the guards and the protesters. The police began to push them out of the building.

Macron was on the second floor of the building at that moment. He was determined to talk to farmers and trade unions. Some of them are ready to meet with the president, but many are against his presence at the agricultural salon, since, in their opinion, the authorities “have not done enough for farmers.”

Special police forces to suppress protests (CRS) began to arrive at the exhibition center.

In France, farmer protests have intensified in recent weeks. Demonstrators blocked key highways, blocking traffic with tractors, haystacks and piles of manure.

Farmers also bombarded prefectures and government buildings with manure and waste. They demand recognition of the importance of their activities and denounced government agricultural policies that they believe make them uncompetitive.

In particular, farmers oppose the import of agricultural products, restrictions on the use of water for irrigation, increasing the cost of diesel fuel, as well as restrictive measures to protect the environment and the growing financial burden on production.