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Puigdemont seeks talks with Rajoy after poll win

Puigdemont seeks talks with Rajoy after poll win

Carles Puigdemont who fled to Belgium in October has called for talks with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The Catalan leader believes he is ready to meet Mr Rajoy without pre-conditions anywhere in the European Union other than Spain.

The PM Rajoy has rejected the ability to hold the talks with the Catalan separatist Puigdemont after his alliance of pro-independence parties secured another parliamentary majority. Puigdemont did his best to avoid arrest after going against court rulings and pushing for unilateral Catalan independence, now he lives in Brussels. And the Thursday’s election opened up “a new era” for Catalonia, Puigdemont believes.

“More than two million people are in favour of Catalonia’s independence. Recognising reality is vital if we are to find a solution,”

the ex-catalan leader added referring to the poll results.

Rajoy’s reaction to Puidgemont’s call for talks

Spain is experiencing the tough times, the political situation inside the Kingdom is hot as never before. Mr Rajoy called the snap election after October referendum, the results of which were deemed illegal by Spanish authorities. The PM also sacked the Catalan government that Mr Puigdemont ran and dissolved its parliament.

Mr Rajoy said he expects a “new era based on dialogue” to begin in Catalonia, which although routinely referred to a country ranks as one of 17 devolved regions under the compromise constitution introduced after the 1975 death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.

The Spanish PM said during a news conference that the election’s outcome showed a diversity of views exist in Catalonia, which compels the new government to abide by the law.