Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Putin Accuses Turkey Directly Helping ISIS

Earlier today Turkey shot down Russian warplane near Syria’s border alleging it violated airspace even after repeated warnings. Russia has denied the violation citing proves.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now accused Turkey for supporting the Islamic Stats Of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) terror group directly.

Putin said the Russian military are fighting terrorism and the Turkish act on Tuesday is like a backstabbing to them. He also alleged the country is directly financing terrorism through illicit oil sales.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Ministry said one of its marines was killed while searching the pilots of downed warplane. The pilots are said to have escaped the shot. One of the helicopters had to make emergency landing while carrying out the mission.

It is being said the Syrian rebel fighters had shot down the Russian helicopter.

The shot down warplane was a Soviet-era Sukhoi Su-24 and two Turkish F-16 jets had intervened.