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Putin believes Edward Snowden was wrong to leak US secrets

Putin believes Edward Snowden was wrong to leak US secrets

Vladimir Putin believes that Edward Snowdon is not a traitor but the National Security Agency contractor was definitely wrong to leak the state secrets.

Russian President knows very well what does mean ‘state secret’, that’s why his opinion was important to Oliver Stone who has interviewed Vladimir Putin last week. According to the ex-KGB officer, Edward Snowden was wrong to leak state spy secrets. And the same time, Putin doesn’t want to tag Mr Snowden as a traitor.

Oliver Stone has interviewed Mr Putin for his next documentary, which will be aired on June 12, by TV network Showtime. During the conversation, Putin said Snowden should have resigned from his job in the same way he once resigned from the KGB rather than leak secrets if he didn’t like what he was doing.

“He shouldn’t have done it (leaked secrets). My view is that what he did was wrong,”

Putin told Stone.

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Edward Snowden: asylum, criticism, Russia

In 2013, Snowden was given asylum in Russia, the ex-contractor of NSA fled the United States after intentional leaking classified information about America’s spy operations. According to Snowden’s lawyer, the American citizen had the right to remain in Russian Federation territory until 2020 and to apply for Russian citizenship next year.

While his stay in Russia, Snowden is using the social media to criticise the Russian authorities and local laws, especially that one obliging communications companies to store phone calls and Internet activity for six months. No comments from Russian authorities followed.