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Putin critisizes Trump and Clinton for ‘shock’ campaign tactics

Putin critisizes Trump and Clinton for ‘shock’ campaign tactics

Vladimir Putin does not approve the election tactics of both presidential candidates. Neither Clinton nor Trump doesn’t deserve praise as a politic. As an experienced leader of the great country, Putin criticizes ‘shock’ methods of Trump and Clinton.

Putin comments the U.S. presidential race and candidates’ methods during his interview:

“They’re both using shock tactics, just each in their own way. I don’t think they are setting the best example,” he added.

Putin, who has won praise and a pledge to improve ties from Trump while facing attacks from Clinton, stuck repeatedly to his position that he has no preferred candidate and would work with whoever wins. While his purported predilections have been the subject of bitter invective from both sides, in public at least, Putin didn’t show much enthusiasm for either one.