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Putin, Erdogan launch first nuclear reactor in Turkey

Putin, Erdogan launch first nuclear reactor in Turkey

President Putin and his Turkish counterpart have launched the first Akkuyu nuclear reactor on Tuesday, AP reported.

The newly-launched nuclear reactor is going to help Turkey to meet its energy needs n perspective, said Regep Erdogan during a ceremony on Tuesday. The Turkish leader said the first reactor at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant (APP) would become operational in 2023, it is being built by Russia’s nuclear energy agency, Rosatom.

Vladimir Putin arrived Ankara to take part in the opening ceremony, the new nuclear reactor became the important milestone in the development of country’s energetic sector. In the first trip abroad since re-election last month, president Putin arrived Tuesday in Ankara to take part in Wednesday’s summit on Syria.

Since 2017, as relations between Turkey and Russia were improved amid cooperation on energy and Syria, the leaders have met eight times. The current nuclear plant project is estimated to cost $20 billion.

“When all four units are activated, Akkuyu NPP alone will able to provide 10 percent of Turkey’s electricity needs, bringing our energy portfolio to a healthier level, which is currently largely dependent on oil, gas and coal,”

Erdogan said.

“The Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is a new step to further develop Turkish economy,”

Vladimir Putin said, adding that more than 350 Turkish companies are ready to participate in Akkuyu Power Plant project implementation.

Ankara summit on Syria: Putin, Erdogan to review the strategies

Turkey is also set to purchase Russia’s long-range S-400 missile defence system – a deal that is raising eyebrows among some of Turkey’s NATO allies.

On Wednesday, Putin, Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are expected to hold a summit in the Turkish capital of Ankara to discuss Syria’s future. The three countries are sponsoring a series of efforts in a bid to end the seven-year war.

Russian-Iranian cooperation comes despite having positions on opposing sides in the Syrian conflict. Moscow and Tehran have sided with Syrian President Bashar Assad while Turkey has been supporting his opposition foes.