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Putin jokingly offers Comey asylum during annual phone-in session

Putin jokingly offers Comey asylum during annual phone-in session

Vladimir Putin has a great sense of humour, during the recent marathon phone-in session with the Russian people, the president offered Comey an asylum. Jokingly, but he did.

The Russian President was very sarcastic when he answered the question about the hypothetic Russian interference in the 2016 US election. On Thursday, during the phone-in session, Mr Putin even made a sarcastic offer of asylum to James Comey.

Regarding the attacks on the ex-FBI director’s claims of Russian trace in the election process in 2016, Vladimir Putin raised a question, too:

“It sounds very strange when the head of the security services writes down a conversation with the commander-in-chief and then leaks it to the media through his friend … How, in that case, does he differ from [Edward] Snowden?”

In fact, Vladimir Vladimirovich showed that Comey in this situation is a human rights defender, not the leader of the security services. And if the former FBI head faces pressure, Russia will be happy to offer him political asylum, like to another American from NSA.

Earlier, the US secret services claimed that hackers from Russia attacked the Democratic party’s servers with the aim of helping Republican nominee billionaire win the historical race.

Putin noted that the US are not perfect, too, they are interfering in dozens of countries by financing NGOs. According to Putin, many national leaders had complained about the obtrusiveness of the United States to him but were scared of saying it publicly for fear of angering Washington.

“As for us, we have our opinion, we say it openly, but it’s not some kind of underground sabotage activity.”