Today: Saturday, 18 May 2024 year

Putin signs decree imposing restrictions on N. Korea as Pyongyang delegation is in Russia

Putin signs decree imposing restrictions on N. Korea as Pyongyang delegation is in Russia

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree that imposes restrictions on North Korea – Russia acts in compliance with the respective UN Security Council 40-page resolution.

Russia supported the UN sanctions against North Korea, and President Putin decided to sign a decree as a North Korean delegation arrived in St. Petersburg for the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) assembly.

The decree will also affect cooperation in the area of science and technology, trade and air-and-space machine engineering. The niches of state-of-the-art industrial technology and methods are also closed.

Among the other sanctions, the Russian leader’s decree banned the sea vessels linked to the nuclear program be stripped of their Russian registration. Since now, they banned from entering Russian ports, except in emergency cases. The Russian sanctions cover delivery of new helicopters and ships to North Korea as well.

Thus, Pyongyang’s circle of trade interests becomes narrower, the KNDR manufacturers of the luxury items as carpets (above $500) and porcelain ($100) are not welcomed to the Russian market anymore. The North Korean citizens won’t be able to use any property in Russia, except diplomatic and consulate facilities.

Sanction against North Korea take into effect

Russia wasn’t the only country who marked this Monday with the new decree on sanctions against the North Korea. The EU also adopted a new range of sanctions against Pyongyang, which are designed to punish the North for its “continued and accelerated nuclear- and ballistic-missile programs.”

The new range of restrictions also extends to the transfer of funds.