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Quebec bans Muslim women from wearing face veils on public transport

Quebec bans Muslim women from wearing face veils on public transport

Quebec bans the Islam veils, which cover the face of those Muslims who give or receive provincial government services. The law will take into force on July, 2018.

The mainly French-speaking Canadian province Quebec decided to ban the face veils because this accessory covers the face of a person, cutting her from another person and making the conversation uncomfortable. Quebec lawyers insist that the modern free and democratic society has nothing common with sharia and its dress code that hides the face of a person.

The law, which takes effect in Quebec by 1 July 2018, does not specify the face coverings modifications are prohibited, it focused on the niqab worn by some Muslim women, which covers everything but the eyes. According to the law, public-sector employees such as teachers, police officers, hospital and daycare workers banned from wearing the veils.

“We are just saying that for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face,”

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard told reporters in the province’s National Assembly.

Of course, the National Council of Canadian Muslims said it was deeply concerned by the law’s passage and was looking at its legal options, saying the ban is an unjustified infringement of religious freedoms. The law allows for exemptions under certain circumstances, although it did not provide details. Regulations setting out how the new law will be enforced are yet to come.