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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70th anniversary of reign

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 70th anniversary of reign

In the UK, Queen Elizabeth II has become the first ruler to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of her leadership in the country. On this occasion, a magnificent celebration took place in London.

The inhabitants of the country were so eager to take part in such a significant event for the UK that they began to set up camps near Buckingham Palace in the evening.

The celebration was opened by a military parade, which the queen watched from the balcony of the palace. From there, she greeted the inhabitants of her country. All members of the monastic family accompanied her on the balcony, but Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were not allowed on the balcony.

The greatest attention was drawn to the four-year-old Prince Louis, who, while everyone enjoyed the majestic parade, covered his ears with his hands from the roar, greeted the audience with all his hands and spoke very loudly. This behavior did not interfere with Queen Elizabeth II. On the contrary, she clearly enjoyed the introduction of her little grandson. But his mother Kate tried by all means to calm the boy, the photos of which went into memes.