Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

Queen Elizabeth II Takes On ISIS With St. John Quote

During her 9 minute annual Christmas message to the peoples of the British territories, Queen Elizabeth II used a quote from the Gospel of St. John to expound on her viewpoints regarding the reign of terror and darkness the terrorists have leveled upon the Earth.

The Queen, delivered her heavily religious message the same day that Pope Francis delivered his message addressing the same issues of terrorism around the globe. The Queen’s message, however, seemed more religious than the Pope’s with her quoting from the book of St. John, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”.

The fact that both world leaders addressed the same issue only underscores the importance of a worldwide effort to finally corral the menace and resolve the underlying issues that spawned the rise of such terrorist groups going back almost 40 years.

The US is on thin ground as President Obama’s administration is under phenomenal pressure to address the terrorist attacks. They’re under the heat for supporting the inclusion of 10,000 Syrian refugees as well as routing out almost a million illegal immigrants in a mass round up due to go into action in early 2016.

Great Britain has taken its lumps from terrorists yet has fought a valiant campaign to contain the problem. The citizens there feel the squeeze security that they’re unaccustomed to and the US citizens are feeling it too. The Pope’s message today was met with increased security at Vatican City where people and their possessions were searched thoroughly before being allowed into the city.

At present, the global powers are all gearing up for further security and response to terrorism wherever it raises its head. More screening of passengers on flights and rail, more invasive searches regarding immigrants to their countries, scouring the files of persons believed to be sympathetic or associated with Islamic groups that espouse violence. Muslim leaders will have to follow the lead of the Queen and the Pope as well as the other world leaders in following up, by investigating their own ranks, outing the terrorists, and participating without incident in the global response to terrorism.

All countries will be on pins and needles the coming year, wondering where the terrorists will strike next. Perhaps more addresses to the public are needed and the Queen will do so. She survived WWII and that UK rallying spirit is obviously still alive and kicking in the Crown and again among the citizens and allies of the UK.

Do you think Queen Elizabeth II should have focused on ISIS/ISIL during her Christmas message? Did she reach you with her intention? Add your comments below.