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Racism and Nazi references, the ingredients of a Donald Trump rally

After each Donald Trump rally, we’re expecting to hear about protesters being evacuated and the Republican candidate calling them names, but this Monday, in Las Vegas, there was more chaos than ever.

Being the last rally before this year’s final GOP debate, it was obvious that a lot of Trump’s supporters will join, in order to encourage their favorite. Still, things got out of control when a group of protesters, called Unity Vegas, joined.

Trump’s supporters were very aggressive

According to Ender Austin III, a minister from the Bethesda COGIC church and member of the organization, they were expecting to get in trouble, but it was even worse, as when he as being escorted out, Donald Trump’s supporters started shouting death threats. Also, the man was intrigued by the fact that Mr. Trump did absolutely nothing to calm the crowd.

“He didn’t attempt to stop it or redirect it or address any of the issues I raised,” Austin said Tuesday.

Even from the beginning, he was aware that eventually, he would be taken out, but in the 10 minutes he resisted, he shouted a few sentences, like “We need gun control”. Still, the bad part started when he was carried outside by authorities.

Death threats and Nazi salutes, at a rally in 2015

If one woman started yelling to let him go, other Donald Trump supporters had totally different reactions, like ““Light the motherf—er on fire!”, “Shoot him!” or “Kick his a–!”. However, the peak was reached when a middle aged man shouted “Sieg heil!”, a Nazi salute, and raised his right hand in the air.

It’s not clear why he did such thing and he was also pretty far from the stage, so it’s less likely that Donald Trump heard the remark, as it would’ve been very interesting to hear his opinion on this.

But it didn’t end here, as Austin also said that a lot of supporters called him the N-word while being dragged out. He wasn’t the only one to get escorted out during the rally though, as another protester was removed, while a man in a glittering black suit was shouting “He’s a Muslim guy!”

Trump wasn’t impressed

Of course, Donald Trump didn’t gave too much attention to these interruptions, calling them just ways to make media outlets turn their cameras towards his crowds. “I am giving them a chance for them to make total fools of themselves in front of millions of people,” he declared, according to New York Daily News.

As for his overall performance during the rally, the Republican candidate remained faithful to his style, mocking the other GOP candidates he will face this Tuesday, in the last debate of the year, hosted by CNN.