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Rafael Nadal confirms season finished due to injury

Rafael Nadal confirms season finished due to injury

The tennis player Rafael Nadal has announced the end of the season because of his ankle injury. The Spanish athlete needs a surgery and certain time to recover from it.

Rafael Nadal preferred to quit the ATP Finals, the tennis season for him is over. Talking to journalists last Friday, the athlete noted his right ankle needs to be operated as soon as possible, moreover, he is also yet to recover from the abdominal problem.

Under the current situation, Novak Djokovic is guaranteed to end the year top of the world rankings. Rafa wrote on social media:

“I am writing to you to signal the end of the season,” Nadal said. “It has been a complicated year, very good in terms of tennis when I was able to play and very bad in terms of injuries.”

Nadal’s fans were perplexed with such a move, but the athlete really needs the medical help. The 32-year-old was forced to retire mid-way through his US Open semi-final with Juan Martin Del Potro in September due to pain in his right ankle. Over two months, Spaniard has not been able to play a competitive match since.

Despite the early finishing, Rafael believes he had done everything possible to reach the end of the season in good shape.

On his ankle problem, he said: “It is true that we knew about it for a long time and from time to time it bothered me.

“Since the problem in my abdominal muscle also prevents me from playing in London, we have decided to take advantage of the moment … and avoid future problems.”

Without Nadal, another court star, Novak Djokovic, will be undoubted ATP Finals favourite, for which the draw was made on Monday.