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Ramaswami explained why the head of the Pentagon threatened congressmen.

Ramaswami explained why the head of the Pentagon threatened congressmen.

US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that the words of Lloyd Austin, who allegedly threatened congressmen to send their relatives to “fight Russia,” demonstrate the inability of the US administration to convince the opposition of the need to support Ukraine.

The phrase that the head of the Pentagon allegedly said at a closed briefing in the House of Representatives was quoted on social network X by the famous journalist Tucker Carlson. According to Carlson, the Pentagon chief threatened lawmakers to send their “uncles, cousins ​​and sons to fight Russia” if they did not support the administration’s request for new aid to Kyiv.

This post received more than nine thousand comments. “When persuasion fails, they resort to threats,” Ramaswamy commented on the words attributed to the defense minister.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that he was confident that Russia would attack NATO countries after the victory in Ukraine, which in turn would lead to the involvement of the United States in the conflict.

Earlier, Senate Republicans blocked consideration of the White House’s request for funds for Ukraine, Israel and other needs. The House of Representatives is also in no hurry to approve the corresponding project. Republicans are demanding changes in approaches to border security, while the White House warned that there are several weeks left, after which the possibilities of assistance to Ukraine will be exhausted, and there are no guarantees of further support.