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Raqqa to be part of ‘federal Syria’, US-backed militia says

Raqqa to be part of ‘federal Syria’, US-backed militia says

Raqqa, one of the most famous Syrian cities, has been freed from Islamic State weeks ago, now, the local authorities and the US-backed militias are trying to bring law and order in the freed place. Most likely, Raqqa will be part of a decentralized federal Syria.

Raqqa’s authorities are going to tying its political future to Kurdish-led autonomy plans for northern Syria, and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (the US-backed) said the people want to see their own future “in the framework of democratic Syria”, which will be a decentralized and federal state.

The liberation of Raqqa, the Syrian de-facto capital of Islamic State, of jihadists took almost four months, and now the SDF pledged to protect the frontiers of the province ‘against all external threats’. Of course, the US-backed militia will hand control to a civil council from the city.

Kurdish-led authorities in other parts of the north say they want a federal system that would allow regions to rule themselves without central control by the center. At the same time, Ankara views the rise of Kurdish power in Syria as a threat to its national security, the Turkish government said the Kurdish brigades in northern Syria as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has a bad reputation in Turkey.

On Friday, Turkey noticed the huge banner of jailed PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan unfurled in central Raqqa by the US-backed Kurdish forces was proof that Washington had been working with terrorists.