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Reclaim Summer Fun with a Tick Watch Bracelet

Reclaim Summer Fun with a Tick Watch Bracelet

Summer begins, so extra protection from Lyme disease is the most actual issue in New Hampshire, said Catholic Medical Center (CMC) specialists. Summer season renewed threat of Lyme and other disease carrying ticks. To ward off these bugs CMC again offers colorful snap bracelets and infocards to patients at the Primary Care Practices, Urgent Care, and the Hospital, according to a press statement of Catholic Medical Center.

Tickborne Disease Prevention Plan was developed by CMC specialists in New Hampshire. Year by year this state is ‘champion’ on Lyme disease incidents in the country. This summer medics prepare again colorful snap bracelets and infocards to its patients. The Department of Health and Human Services in New Hampshire call for people to be more attentive while they outside: tick-borne disease became a grave public health menace. That’s why children 5-14 years old are very important audience for educational outreach in its Tickborne Disease Prevention Plan.

Vivid, colorful bracelets are free, so any small fry or adult is encouraged to hold out this useful accessory to prevent Lyme disease and preserve their health. Snap bracelets called a “tick watch,” feature actual size depictions of ticks to the public. The bracelets include two types of ticks to check for during nightly scans – the blacklegged tick and the American dog tick.

Joseph Mangum, a Physician Assistant at CMC Urgent Care in Bedford, said: “Don’t spend the summer on the couch, but recognize that the tick population is exploding in our state, so you have to be vigilant.”

Physicians of Primary Care or Urgent Care will help in a lawsuit of the tick’s biting, the period from 36 to 72 hrs on the host is essential. Hence, do not put off your visit to Urgent Care, where you can get professional bite evaluation.