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Refugees from Ukraine in Norway are forced to queue for food.

Refugees from Ukraine in Norway are forced to queue for food.

Ukrainian refugees in Norway are forced to queue for free food, and some are considering prostitution.

In the city of Stavanger, more and more people are turning to food assistance to survive and make ends meet, the article says. Financial support from the authorities of the country is not enough.

“We accept them, we comfort them, weep with them and find solutions that we can,” said Aline Kamudege, leader of the volunteer organization.

There are currently 96 Ukrainian refugees in Stavanger. They receive an allowance in the amount of two thousand crowns (about 11 thousand rubles) every month, but due to price increases, it has become extremely difficult to live on this amount, approved in 2016, said Dagni Sunnano Hausken, a representative of the city administration.

A similar situation is observed in other cities in Norway, such as Oslo and Trondheim, added the representative of the charity organization Caritas Norway, Alexander Golding. He stressed that the life of refugees should not be luxurious, but now it has become too hard for them. According to him, the growth of products has affected primarily those who are already experiencing a shortage.

The philanthropist expressed hope that the authorities would pay attention to this and take action.