Today: Monday, 4 March 2024 year

Republican Debate: Rivals Attacked Trump saying he’s Impractical and Divisive

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was criticised by his rivals, John Kasich and Jeb Bush, saying Trump is impractical and divisive, referring to the immigration plans of Trump.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump, a billionaire from New York, had been very blunt in articulating his judgements on immigration, Syrian Crisis and Putin’s initiative in combatting IS in Syria.

Mr. Trump, who had been a frontrunner in the opinion polls commended Putin for initiating an attack to pulverize Islamic State militants. He will surely backed Putin, saying, “If Putin wants to go and knock the hell out of ISIS, I am all for it, 100 percent, and I can’t understand how anybody would be against it”, Reuters reports.

However, Trump was criticised, and was booed as he tried to defend his views. He continued to say that the US had to stop being the world’s police. Former Florida, governor, Jeb Bush disagreed with Trump, saying “that real estate mogul” does not have any idea how the real world operates, according to Reuters.

Jeb Bush, who has been in the political arena for quite some time answered Trump, “We’re not going to be the world’s policemen, but we sure as heck better be the world’s leader”. The question is, “Can US still uphold that role? “

On the migrant issue, Trump would likely support building a wall at the US-Mexico border. And to have the illegal immigrants be deported.

Whereas, Bush emphasized that Trump’s immigration plan is not family centered, and would ultimately tear families apart, BBC News reports.

Trump, in his business oriented mind stood by his views, articulating that the US economy would be hurt by illegal immigration.

Aside from Bush, Ohio governor John Kasich also is against Trump’s policy. A lot of republicans fear that Trump’s plan will alienate Hispanic voters, and might be the cause of losing the November 2016 election.

Trump who has built his company worth millions was confident enough not to listen to what others think, particularly his rivals.