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Residents of Moldova were advised to prepare an “alarm suitcase”.

Residents of Moldova were advised to prepare an “alarm suitcase”.

The Moldovan authorities are confident that massive power outages in the country will continue, so they have developed detailed instructions and are advised to prepare an “alarm suitcase,” the government’s press service said.

In the Telegram channel of the government, in the event of a massive power outage, recommendations for citizens developed by specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs are posted. The instructions are divided into four categories: for pedestrians, for drivers, for those who are on the premises, as well as for those who happen to be at the border.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recommends that all residents of the country prepare an “alarm suitcase” with documents, money and medicines. Those inside the building are advised not to use elevators, leave barriers open, do not light candles in preference to flashlights, put out fires in solid fuel boilers, and use a mobile phone only when absolutely necessary.

Pedestrians are asked to wear reflective clothing, gather in groups when crossing the road and turn on flashlights in their mobile phones. The main advice for drivers is to be careful and make sure you have fuel. Citizens who are at the border do not have many options – you need to consult about the availability of working checkpoints and proceed to them.

Earlier, Interior Minister Anna Revenko said that massive power outages are possible during the winter, the elimination of the consequences of which will take from one to 24 hours.