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Restackable COVID-19 hospital takes two days to build

Restackable COVID-19 hospital takes two days to build

The hospital with an innovative ventilation system that kills pathogen bacteria could be made from shipping containers, As Springwise reports, the restackable building takes 48 hours to construct.

The new hospital’s idea was presented by the Mungyeong NPI hospital in South Korea – the latest of Chinese prefab construction company Broad Sustainable Building’s efforts in the battle against coronavirus – will be built in two days.

In fact, the hospital uses an innovative air ventilation technique to prevent cross-contamination – a critical aspect for the medical facility. In 2016, the Korean firm made headlines for the world’s fastest-built skyscraper – a 57-story erected in 19 working days. Now, its ambitions allowed construction of the new hospital, which will have a sustainable, low-waste, and energy-efficient design. Amid COVID-19 epidemic, that Broad Sustainable Building’s idea is extremely useful and timely.

Not only are the units stackable, meaning stories can be added later according to the hospital’s requirements, but the company has also developed an innovative air ventilation technique to ensure that contaminated air doesn’t escape each room.

A unique ventilation system kills pathogen with ozone

The “BROAD negative pressure fresh air system” uses Negative Pressure Isolation (NPI), a ventilation process based on generating negative pressure. Because air naturally flows from areas with higher pressure to areas with lower pressure, the system allows air to flow into isolated rooms, but not escape. This allows isolating patients with airborne contagious diseases such as COVID-19 to stay safe.

Unlike traditional methods, which take a lot of energy and rely on HEPA filters to recirculate the air, polluted air is vented outside after heat exchanging and ozone virus killing. This efficient building technique is intended to provide hope through swift action.