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Restaurants in Japan explore dining in silence to curb virus spread

Restaurants in Japan explore dining in silence to curb virus spread

Some Japanese restaurants have discovered a new way to curb the epidemic. They are encouraging silent dining, some offering free food to customers who silently enjoy their meals, AsiaOne reports. 

Supporting the government requests to wear masks when talking during meals, several restaurants in the big cities are offering to have the diners in silence. That is the pretty simple but logical way to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This week, a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine in Ginza, Tokyo, is trying to prevent infection by shortening meal times. Ginza Kuki began serving about 10 of its regular course dishes at once allowing customers to finish their meals in about an hour.

The owner asks customers to refrain from talking during meals, but he doesn’t when they converse with a mask on before and after meals. So far, there have been no complaints from customers, and they are following the rules.

Thus, the restaurants should make sure that their customers enjoy their meals as our top priority during the times when self-restraint is important. The restaurant’s regular course meal consists of about 12 dishes served in sequence and takes at least two hours to finish.