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Rihanna confessed she obsessed with Brad Pitt

Rihanna confessed she obsessed with Brad Pitt

Rihanna is watching for the Brangelina divorce saga, the singer is obsessed with Brad Pitt, actually. In a recent interview to Star Magazine, Rihanna confessed she likes Brad Pitt very much. Moreover, the A-lister celebrity confirmed that she was actually pining for the Hollywood couple to break up.

Rihanna thinks if someone breaks up, someone another starts dating. For example, she and Brad Pitt, why not? The singer is confessed she is watching the divorce of Angelina and Pitt, this man is he-man, so the singer is very interested in the relationships with him. Meanwhile, Rihanna is ready for the forthcoming American Music Awards 2016, where she nabbed seven nominations.

Rihanna is not only the cultural icon, she’s a wonderful woman as well, so, she isn’t shy when it comes to admitting what she thinks about Brad Pitt. The singer is obsessed with Brad Pitt and she’s not denying it, she told Star Magazine’s journalist in the recent interview.

When she was asked about their age differences, Rihanna assured that age doesn’t matter as shown in numerous occasions. In fact, the singer and the actor first met during the Make It Right Charity concert down in New Orleans last 2012. They got along so well that Angelina Jolie considered the singer as a thorn on their relationship. The press has invented the name for the new potential couple–Brihanna.

True or not, let’s check out this fan-made video of Brad Pitt and Rihanna, who will perform to the American Music Awards 2016 on November, 20.