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Rihanna photoshops Queen Elizabeth II’s are just scandalous

Rihanna photoshops Queen Elizabeth II’s are just scandalous

Rihanna was celebrating the 91th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II with the series of rather strange photoshop pictures. Even the fans of Riri found these photos inappropriate, scandalous and lack of taste, especially on April 21, the monarch’s birthday.

Rihanna decided to entertain her followers with the Photoshop pics of Queen Elizabeth. The superstar got the name ‘queen of fashion’, so she found that fact very amusing and appeared to take steps to make this even more official.

The Barbadian R’n’B perforfer decided to demonstrate all her love for Queen Elizabeth II in her own way as she took to Instagram to upload images of the Queen’s head photoshopped onto pictures of Rihanna’s standout high-fashion ensembles.

While one part of Riri fans were happy to enjoy her cheeky posts with Elizabeth’s face, other part got angry.

Rihanna: Queen Elizabeth II photos in Riri’s outfits

Rihanna shared several photoshop jobs and captured them with the words from different rapper’s lyrics.

  1. Rihanna simply wrote, “be humble”, from rap star Kendrick Lamar’s hit track.

2. The second picture featured coat by Yves Saint Laurent over denim shorts and black high heels. Mariah Carey’s track It’s Like That as the caption plus Rihanna added: “y’all chickens is ash and I’m lotion.”

3. Queen sporting Rihanna’s striking Coachella outfit in which she wore a full body diamante bodysuit by Gucci. Rihanna captioned the image rather rude: “cause u f*** like a grandma f***, u just an amateur. #gucci”. The lyrics are taken from Drak’s Both.

She later changed the R-Rated caption, writing “UPDATE: Mumz said she won’t too happy bout this post so I had to edit”.

4. Her final image is just scandalous, Riri edited an image and captioned it: “It’s not that deep”.

Fans were quick to comment on the pictures as one wrote:

“I’m not English or a Brit, but I find these series of photos disturbing. It’s like doing it with photos of my grandmother. These lack taste whatsoever.”

Another fan cautioned the singer writing,

“It’s funny and everything, but be careful, the English are really sensitive!”