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Rio as the best Olympics ever: USA team

Rio as the best Olympics ever: USA team

The Rio Olympics 2016 are done officially, but these Games became the best, US athletes did their best. The most important fact is the most iconic athletes in the history of an Olympiad could reach new heights. Michael Phelps is one of the reasons for the USA to be proud.

Rio becomes the best Olympics in the history of US sport. Despite the negative advanced publicity, the Olympic Games in Rio were the succeesful event for the national team. In Rio, more than 11,000 athletes competed in more than 40 different sports.

The powerful athletes and the iconic figures in the world of the sport took part in these Games more than successfully. They have reached new heights in terms of athletic accomplishment and Olympic success. The swimmer Michael Phelps got a new gold medal, what made him the greatest in his sports, undoubtedly.

Of course, an incident with other US swimmers was qualified as ugly from any point of view. Bur even despite this, Rio Games was the best for the national team: 121 medals.