Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Riots broke out in the capital of Papua New Guinea.

Riots broke out in the capital of Papua New Guinea.

Riots broke out in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, there were casualties, and cases of looting and vandalism were recorded, the capital’s governor, Powes Parkop, said.

“Today is a sad and tragic day for our beloved city, Port Moresby, this capital of our beautiful country, where, unfortunately, we have witnessed domestic criminals. <…> The cause of the sad events was the team of a special police officer of our city in the park. Unagi Oval, who are seeking to resolve the discrepancy in their salaries. The cost of the subsequent looting and destruction is significant, and my heart aches for all the businesses in the city that were affected,” the governor said in a statement on Facebook.

The head of the capital district also called on citizens to stop construction and restore order. In particular, he turned to the police with the idea of ​​regaining control of the city as soon as possible.

“Many people unfortunately participate in life today,” the governor added.

Crime broke out in Papua New Guinea’s capital during a police and military strike against deductions from their salaries, New Zealand radio RNZ reported.

According to radio stations, about 200 representatives of authorities and law enforcement agencies are taking part in the protests.