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Robin Wright’s heroic efforts to save House of Cards following Kevin Spacey’s exit

Robin Wright’s heroic efforts to save House of Cards following Kevin Spacey’s exit

Robin Wright is an amazing person who has no fear at all like her House of Cards character Claire Underwood. The actress had brought a ‘let’s do it’ mentality to the set as she acts, directs and produces in parts of its sixth – final and the most anticipated – season without Kevin Spacey.

The House of Cards show’s executives revealed that its success is likely to be followed by spin-off series with Robin Wright, Boris McGiver and Michael Kelly were likely to be given their own platforms. The world adores the political thriller, so it’s is the right time to start the spin-offs.

Meanwhile, the sixth season of The House of Cards is the hardest thing for Robin Wright who is not only an actress but the brightest star of the TV show and its director, producer. After Kevin Spacey’s exit, the embattled team on the troubled Netflix drama is stronger and more united since the Spacey scandal and credited Wright for it.

Robin is really stepping up in a way that everybody is excited about, her colleagues are thrilled about her direction and entire approach.

‘ So the energy on and off set is one of let’s do this… you know, let’s do this – let’s overcome this period of time where we are focusing on men and let’s jump into the women. And let Robin have that,’

said Wright’s new co-star Cody Fern.

Netflix producer Daniel Minahan added that under Wright, he has confidence the show will not skip a beat without Spacey as screen monster Frank Underwood.

‘I was really pleased to hear that they were going to continue for another season regardless of what has happened with Kevin,’

he said.

House of Cards: spin-offs are coming soon

Netflix bosses suggest that the popular TV show will be continued in their spin-offs. For an instance, Doug Stamper, Frank Underwood’s sinister fixer who is played by Michael Kelly, could make a spin-off success, no doubt. the character is complex and perspective.

‘Michael Kelly created an amazing character. I would be happy to work with Michael and Boris [McGiver],’

Daniel Minahan confirmed as he attended the FYC Red Carpet Event for ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ at the Directors’ Guild in Los Angeles.