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Roger Federer: Knee rehab progress is ‘getting better again’

Roger Federer: Knee rehab progress is ‘getting better again’

Roger Federer, a tennis star, has shared some news on his knee rehab. Following the surgery in February and long but unexpected pause due to coronavirus, the Swiss athlete said that recovery progress is “ein better’.

The Swiss tennis player underwent an operation on his right knee in February and was only expected to return to competitive tennis in mid-June. Takin into account the current situation, Roer said in his recent Instagram chat that his recovery from knee surgery is back on track after a bit a slowdown midway. In addition, Federer insists “it doesn’t matter when I return”.

However, there is no need for the current world No 4 to rush back as tennis is on a break until at least July 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This week, in an Instagram Live chat with Rafael Nadal, Federer revealed that his rehab is going “okay”.

“I’ve been hitting it a little bit against the wall,” the Swiss superplayer said.

“Rehab with the knee. It’s okay. I had a really good first six weeks, then it was a bit slower, now it’s getting better again, but I have plenty of time.

Roer added as well that he lives in slow pace now. There is no stress, no rush, if there’s anything positive, that’s the only thing really. At the end of the day he just wants the knee to be good, it doesn’t matter when he returns.

“I feel happy. I think after the second surgery. It’s easier the second time around, but I don’t need to experience a third one, that’s for sure,” Roger said.