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Roger Waters calls Biden’s “Patriot Act” a crime

Roger Waters calls Biden’s “Patriot Act” a crime

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters said that the federal Patriot Act, passed in the US in 2001 at the suggestion of Joe Biden, was a crime.

Waters drew attention to the fact that, as Biden himself stated, the “Patriot Act” is based on his proposals.

“This is the man who prepared the Patriot Act. I know this is not a war crime. It was a crime, but not a military one,” Waters said.

This law, passed in the United States in October 2001, gave the government and police greater powers to oversee the population.

Waters also said that the Americans made a mistake when they tried to push NATO to the borders of Russia.

In addition, he said that the US authorities and large American corporations are gradually restricting the Internet.