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Roman Abramovich can enter UK on visitor visa but cannot work, PM says

Roman Abramovich can enter UK on visitor visa but cannot work, PM says

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich can’t work for Chelsea despite he allows enter the UK on a visitor visa after gaining Israeli citizenship on Monday. Prime minister Theresa May’s spokesperson has spread this news on Wednesday.

Mr Abramovich, the Chelsea FC owner, will not work with his Club, but he is able to come to the United Kingdom as a visitor for six months. To live, work or study in the UK – all this covers by another type of visa, which Roman Abramovich doesn’t have so far. On Wednesday, PM’s spokesperson clarified this issue in an official document.

The clarification came after Mr Abramovich was granted citizenship in Israel after failing to renew his visa to the UK. Over several weeks, Roman Abramovich was waiting for the renewal of his usual investor visa but the rising diplomatic tensions between Moscow and London have made oligarch’s UK visa application “taking longer than usual”.

It has been reported that Mr Abramovich would have to explain the source of his wealth to receive a new British visa.

Kremlin commented on Abramovich’s Israeli citizenship

The Kremlin said Russian tycoon Abramovich had every right to take it under Israel’s ‘Law of Return’ for Jews. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

“The Kremlin doesn’t think anything about this,”

and added that an entrepreneur has received Israeli citizenship, that is quite a common step.

‘So what? It is his right,”

ended Mr Peskov.

On Monday, the Russian oligarch and Jewish Abramovich flew to Tel Aviv and obtained documents confirming his status as an Israeli citizen. While the UK has blamed the attack on Russia and the Kremlin denies any involvement in it, the Israeli government was happy to get such a mighty and powerful citizen like FC Chelsea owner.