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Romanian residents block bridge for trucks building NATO base

Romanian residents block bridge for trucks building NATO base

Residents of the city of Chinkshor in the Romanian county of Brassov blocked the passage of military trucks that are involved in the construction of a NATO base nearby, as they fear for the safety of the bridge.

“In Brasov, a convoy with military equipment got stuck on a bridge in the town of Chinkshor. Fed up with the constant movement of trucks, the villagers placed concrete blocks in the way of the vehicles. The bridge is one of the few access roads to the training ground in Chincu, where work is underway to build a base NATO group,” the sources said.

Only vehicles weighing no more than 12 tons can move across the bridge, but the Ministry of Defense sent trucks over it, which also carried 60-ton tanks. To stop them, local residents constantly put up concrete blocks, and the mayor’s office removes them. On Tuesday, a group of eight French trucks was thus blocked.

Residents of the city say that if the bridge collapses, they may be left without access roads, as another nearby bridge has already been closed for demolition.