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Romanian warship hit a mine in the Black Sea

Romanian warship hit a mine in the Black Sea

A Romanian warship near the port of Constanta in the Black Sea hit a mine that was supposed to be cleared, the press service of the country’s naval forces said.

“The sea tug “Lieutenant Dimitrie Nicolescu” arrived on Thursday, September 8, at about 17:45, in the area of ​​​​a drifting sea mine <…> to neutralize it. Although security measures were taken after dark, due to adverse weather conditions, the warship was blown up by a sea mine, which the storm carried away with the current,” they noted.

The ship arrived at the place where the mine was drifting, with divers on board, but the boat with them could not approach the projectile due to strong winds.

Due to the collision, a hole was formed, located on the border of the ship’s waterline, in the stern.

During the explosion, none of the 75 crew members were injured, they are not in danger.
Immediately after the detonation, the crew sealed off the water hole and limited the impact of sea water entering the aft compartment. By order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Navy, a sea vessel with divers “Grozavul” left the port of Constanta to provide assistance and tow the damaged ship.