Today: Saturday, 2 March 2024 year

Russia and China conducted joint air patrols

Russia and China conducted joint air patrols

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian and Chinese pilots once again conducted joint patrols in the Asia-Pacific region.

“An air group consisting of strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Forces and strategic bombers Hun-6K of the PLA Air Force carried out air patrols over the waters of the Japanese and East China Seas, the western part of the Pacific Ocean,” the release says.

The duration of the flight was about eight hours. The bombers were covered by Russian Su-30SM and Su-35S fighters, as well as Chinese J-11B.

Russian planes took off and landed at airfields on Chinese territory. At some stages of the route, strategic missile carriers were accompanied by foreign fighters, the military added. Upon completion of the patrol, all aircraft returned to their home airfields.

“During the execution of the tasks, the aircraft of both countries acted strictly in accordance with the provisions of international law. Violations of the airspace of foreign states have not been allowed,” the Defense Ministry said.